• Image of Adele H 'Civilization' 12" LP

Civilization by Adele H

Adele H is the experimental recording project of Italian singer and songwriter Adele Pappalardo. Using just her voice and a Brazilian tambourine to create powerful melodies and hypnotic rhythms, Adele’s music feels primordial and instinctive blending soul and psychedelia. Inspired by experiences of solitude, spectacles of nature, changing civilizations and union through sacred music, her debut album 'Civilization' is a stunning collection of original songs where the theme of spiritual awakening is celebrated.

"A super-soulful album 'in some ways millennia old and in others cutting edge'." - Gannon, [sic] Magazine

"Gospel, Celtic stuff, suggestions to Laurie Anderson, folk "neologist" coming from fragments of sound memories put together in bulk and the result is only ... Adele. As a result, arm yourself with psychotropic substances, undress, go to experiences at the gates of dawn bringing a little ghetto blaster with this symphony dedicated to the case: maybe you will find the country of the puffs. Or perhaps, more "simply", Botticelli's spring in flesh and bones." - Pablo Pibasso, Noisy / Vice

"These songs are unassuming and hypnotic, the entry point is more of the way Adele H sounds when she sings than the words she’s singing."
-Sophie Kemp, Impose Magazine

“She builds small cathedrals made of interwoven voices, sighs & breaths that are rhythmic, blows & puffs that become sound environments, hypnotic and very visionary.” - Sentire Ascoltare

-Full color cover
-Total Running Time: 33 minutes
- Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk