• Image of Urban Hiker cassette


“Are these field recordings of scorpion mating dances, a recovered audio file of NASA’s evidence of Saturn’s fauna frequencies or perhaps a hot new Tokyo game soundtrack for carving virtual sculptures? None of the above. It’s a continuation of Idaho Joe Windslow’s fascinating, and sometimes disturbing, research of combined electronic processes with his homemade acoustic instrumentation of the ‘Gongtar’, cut up singing bowls and tweaked voice resonators. The Bay Area musician has diverged from his previous verse-chorus-verse confessionals into a deeply strange symphonic galactic suite entitled ‘Urban Hiker’ that’s reminiscent of cross-pollinated standard-bearers like Aphex Twin, Harry Partch, Tomita and Jon Hassell. One finds 21 inspired sound-pictures that emanate an unparalleled variety of ideas and ethno-cultural influences that instantly teleport the listener to a fascinating world thanks to Windlsow’s ever-evolving craft and far-out vision."

-Limited edition of 100
-Pro-dubbed onto chrome tape
-Full color foldout cover
-Running time: 90 minutes

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