Archimboldos 'Exactomondo' LP


We brought back a few copies of each Transamericas label titles from our Chilean tour - We hope to carry more... meanwhile, get'em while you can!

In 2017, producer and musician Nicolás Carcavilla, aka Embassador Dulgoon, teamed up with Felipe Crocco M.D., synth player and soundscapist in Martes Muerto, to bear the duo Archimboldos. Exactomondo is the duo’s second release, presented by newly founded Chilean label Transamericas.

Their sound is a chimera of cinematic drills, exotic fantasies and sci-fi delusions assembled through heavily loaded synth and sampling layers. Sometimes ludicrous and whimsical, astounding and mysterious, or even fabled and nostalgic, their music is always painstakingly crafted and technically evocative. It defies and deludes our attention, thus never failing to amuse.

Archimboldos works through a strange alteration in the notions of invention and reference, unravelling a narrative musical journey of unpredictable melodic routes and subtly articulated sonic deviation and discovery. An inventive serenity wanders and flirts among motifs and topics related to generic soundtracks, obscure library music and new age psychedelia, as a curiosity rover fluently reviewing a forgotten and timeless archive.

Armed with sharp and uncanny determination, the duo shapes their tracks as soundscapes that disguise and mutate, creating and mocking motifs still yet to be. Guessing, for example, an alien's lonely hoot or whoop, the viscous crawl of a post-apocalyptic creature, or the old hymns of a nation not yet founded.

Exactomondo works within the same strata of their debut LP, Starcave Mèmoires, digging further in the veins of the duo's soundmine, expanding their sonic spectrum by organizing new data, enhancing their equipment's capacities and deepening their imagery. They have perfected their sonic spacecraft. If their first release found an orbit, Exactomondo could be their first landing.

- Imported from Chile
- Limited edition pressing of 300
- Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering