Embassador Dulgoon 'Eden's Fuselage' CD


We just received a radiating delivery, directly from Chile, for the ongoing saga & follow up tale to ‘Hydrorion Remnants’.

Chilean producer & commander Nicolás Carcavilla steers listeners through a surreal tale of speculative interplanetary invasion & flooded Earth settings in a variety of sonic explorations guided by eight additional featured regional adventurers (and mastered by admiral Rashad Becker) navigating five fantastic events staked in a mesmerizing, yet wild, game of chance. Power up & prepare to investigate the latest feral growth emerging from the Remnant’s resonating landscapes!

- Imported from Chile
- Pro-dubbed cd in jewel case limited edition of 100 copies ~ includes 4 panel full color booklet.
- Limited edition of 100
- Total estimated running time: 35 minutes
- Mastered by Rashad Becker