Lavina Yelb 'Otra Vez Otra' LP


We brought back a few copies of each Transamericas label titles from our Chilean tour - We hope to carry more... meanwhile, get'em while you can!

"The music of Lavina Yelb, solo output of Chilean musician, producer, artist and animator Aníbal Bley, is pressed on vinyl for the first time by Chilean label Transamericas. For those who know his work, wax will certainly be a fitting format. The distinct quality of the needle's groove contrasts discreetly with the texture, clarity and depth of his particular sound. Flawlessly mixed and mastered by Daniel Cancino (Eggglub), the album Otra Vez Otra comes backed up by two animated music videos for the singles Siniestro del jefe and El con fuego.

Lavina Yelb's music articulates an unusual balance between swarms of sound in constant suspense of dislocating. Fueled by great kinetic energy, his compositions are agile and labyrinthine, as vertiginous as they are detailed. Incorporating samples from animated series, fragments of dialogue from remote movies, recycled sound effects from toys on the verge of ruin and musical cadences related to classic video games, he manages to grind the yearning of a cultural heritage that is later rearranged into the warp of the beats and evoked in the melodies.

It all happens inside a kind of mechanical organ, an intricate mechanism of gears and bellows propelled by an imaginary crank. Once in motion, it seems programmed, adjusting at each step, calibrating itself through accelerations and brakes. However, there is nothing really automatic in these compositions. Each part is meticulously put in place and adequate to its function. The tracks seem to take a breath to get started and breathe out the remains as they merge into the next. Working like an extravagant clock, they mark a time that, although elusive, operates with unmistakable rigor.

A feel of systematized chaos takes us amid variable focal points, going from one gear to another and from steam to engine. A lot is happening beyond recognition; the friction and the screeching of the machinery form an underground mutter that distills the gear's quivering speech. The strong drive of the music and the clarity of the production glaze an oily coat that lubricates the device. This is how the joints among the components are keenly unified, leading us smoothly through what seems like ongoing stages of a delirious video game.

With the precision required to raise wavering towers of debris and the delicacy to build fleeting castles of cards, the twelve compositions of Otra Vez Otra forge the compact machinery of a fully operational factory. A frenetic strive whose means we ignore, but that when persisting reveals the purpose of its labor: the creation of an autonomous, convincing and unique language. What's being assembled is a sturdy and self-reliant sonorous tongue along the translucent radiance of its functioning. - José Badía."

All tracks composed written & produced by Anibal Bley.
Mixed & mastered by Daniel Cancino (Eggglub) in Santiago, Chile.