Never Use The Same Door Twice {live} cassette

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Unvaulted limited edition run of Fake Hospital Group Operators band performing 'Never Use the Same Door Twice' live to celebrate the 10th anniversary release.
Recorded live & transmitted on radio in Los Altos, California by KFJC 89.7. Limited edition of 50 pro-dubbed tapes reality hackin high strangeness.

"Occult magick, sequential art, books on tape, and cut-up literature—'Never Use The Same Door Twice', the mixed-media experiment of Grant Corum, is at the intersection of all these and more. Evoking images of ancient ceremony, spectral phenomena, and early dungeon-crawling RPGs, 'Never Use the Same Door Twice' was designed as a "reality hacking" operation in which Corum attempts "to forge spirits within experimental arts and performance." Essentially a story told through music, projection, and narrated dream states, Corum bewitches the senses and guides the listener through an adventure unlike any other."
-Chris Cantino, The Portland Mercury

- Full color double sided covers & hand stamped
- Pro-dubbed in limited edition of 50 for the 10th anniversary of Never Use The Same Door Twice