Never Use The Same Door Twice cassette


"Corum's work avoids the mere emulation of exotica and it's tropes through the sense of adventure that his landscapes present. This is most evident on Never Use The Same Door Twice, originally released prior to the Beguiling Isles trilogy in 2011. Comprised of six parts, these pieces are heavy with slow-moving tension and fuzzy as though scathed by repeated replication. A compelling listen and an engaging early piece of the Psychic Sounds puzzle." - Spenser Thompson, The Wire Magazine

“That long, low, leisurely, murkily rhythmic tone poem quality of that piece is conducive to the conjuring up waking dreams of of all sorts of nocturnal occurrences; good food for the restless spiritual imagination….The comic is dense and interesting and full of ideas... Intensely opaque poetry like this can't be appreciated in one or a few encounters, and I haven't got a grip on it yet. Max Ernst's collages have permanently wired me to see oblique captioned images in a certain way and with a certain taste for certain discontinuities, but there is magic in strange affect at the very least. I'm glad to have this.” - Jim Woodring, creator of Frank (Fantagraphics)

- Full color double-sided covers
- Pro-dubbed in limited edition of 100 for the 10 anniversary of Never Use The Same Door Twice