PRE-SALE (JANUARY 2024) Tristan & Titania 'Glyphs & Gods' 12" vinyl



Eva Van Deuren returns to present another chapter in the hypnotizing, playful, and dreamlike Orphan Fairytale sound cosmos using her apothecary of self-made electronics, toy instruments, cassette loops, and keyboards. Eva’s been churning the cauldron for nearly 20 years performing, recording, and guiding listeners through the idyllic wilderness of the deepest sonic storytelling. Past tales have involved “cosmic sea stars, melting ice giants, bloodthirsty hekates, possessed tropical tans, blobs, dragons of the deep and hummingbird cities” all coalescing in high-spirited rhythms, twinkling trances, unfurling ambience, and a “electronic psychedelia that deftly teeters between the bubbly and the eerie.” (See orphanfairytale.bandcamp.com)

‘Glyphs & Gods’ finds Eva in Titania mode, a new alter incarnation, telling the latest story alongside fellow sound weaving adventurer Tristan. Together they allure listeners through a dawn-lit gate by way of illuminating drone and guiding harmonies that harkens us into a tobacco-crinkled bloody-relic strewn opening. Shimmering gem reverberation bounced off foreheads, bent horns of hallowed chambers, ghosts of levitating decapitated horse head-on-fire wooft into ear, and underworld voice echo can be heard quickly letting us know this tunnel journey comes with a heavy ride, both of mellifluous & malevolent currents.....

All things begin to come together with blissful insect hazy nights.. the cicadia’s warmth. Mother’s lullabies on the child being beckons for lifts & sparse piano riffs into disintegrating tones melding into the frogs' womb. Where are we now? Patterns from the “K’U” transmission are welcome, while sitting in the beat of the boat’s wooden chair throb, eyelids closed, my tiny mind is quickly transported inside a rose garden of galaxies. Each blossom is a doorway into unknown territory. Which one will you dare smell, and what will waft next? A giant supernatural snake pipe bursts forth and breathes down the neck. It's dangerous & soothing simultaneously. Bubbling metallic bowl pangs, talons stretch over bongos of time, deflating civilizational balloon poots, and creaking dimensional doorways eeking peek. Quickly scurrying by Hansel & Gretel baked into the Witch's cookies, have Tristan & Titania managed to escape to tell us the tale? Seemingly so, and this may be the most manifested effort of the Orphan Fairytale's deep running wishing well yet....toss the coin in, and see for yourself!

- Played & recorded by Eva Titania Soledad Van Deuren & Tristan Vloeberghs
- Mastered by Nicolás Carcavilla
- Full color cover / artwork by Grant Corum
- Limited edition pressing of 250 vinyl by Psychic Sounds (PSR26) / Nonlocal Research (NL32)