Tristan & Titania 'Glyphs & Gods' 12" vinyl


Glyphs & Gods’ is a “record that came to be through a channeling of sound in which Tristan & Titania were merely the vessels.” Enigmatic Belgian producer Tristan Vloeberghs (Ohm Meta, WAVradio, Friendship Tapes, Modus Operandi/ Out Innerspace) and Eva Van Deuren (Orphan Fairytale) allure listeners by way of illuminating drone and guiding harmonies that harkens in movements of shimmering reverberation, bent horns of hallowed chambers, animal breaths, and voice echos coming together into blissful sounding hazy nights like the the cicadas warming calls. Mother’s lullabies on the child being beckons for lifts & sparse piano riffs into disintegrating tones. Bubbling metallic bowl pangs, talons tapping over bongos of time, and creaking doorways sway in unison to show us a glimpse of their experience. It all has a sense of being a dangerous & soothing expedition simultaneously. So lay back, and let Tristan and Titania dial it in!

- Mastered by Nicolás Carcavilla
- Full color cover / artwork by Grant Corum
- Limited edition pressing of 250 vinyl by Psychic Sounds (PSR26) / Nonlocal Research (NL32)