• Image of Adele H 'Civilization' 12" LP

PREVIEW HERE: https://soundcloud.com/psychicsounds/adele-h-primordial-sound

Adele H is the experimental recording project of Italian singer and songwriter Adele Pappalardo. Using just her voice and a Brazilian tambourine to create powerful melodies and hypnotic rhythms, Adele’s music feels primordial and instinctive blending soul and psychedelia.

"A super-soulful album 'in some ways millennia old and in others cutting edge'." - Gannon, [sic] Magazine

"Gospel, Celtic stuff, suggestions to Laurie Anderson, folk "neologist" coming from fragments of sound memories put together in bulk and the result is only ... Adele. As a result, arm yourself with psychotropic substances, undress, go to experiences at the gates of dawn bringing a little ghetto blaster with this symphony dedicated to the case: maybe you will find the country of the puffs. Or perhaps, more "simply", Botticelli's spring in flesh and bones." - Pablo Pibasso

"These songs are unassuming and hypnotic, the entry point is more of the way Adele H sounds when she sings than the words she’s singing."
-Sophie Kemp, Impose Magazine

“She builds small cathedrals made of interwoven voices, sighs & breaths that are rhythmic, blows & puffs that become sound environments, hypnotic and very visionary.” - Sentire Ascoltare

-Total Running Time: 33 minutes
- Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk