• Image of CF -  '2 of Wands' print

Christopher Forgues, (AKA C.F.), is a musician and artist based in New York City, best known for his graphic novel serial Powr Mastrs and contributions to the Kramer's Ergot series. Forgues employs homemade electronics, effects pedals, and altered acoustic instruments under the monikers of Kites, Mark Lord and Universal Cell Unlock.

Psychic Sounds is very excited to collaborate on the release of '2 of Wands', a limited edition screen print that is hand numbered, signed and stamped twice by C.F.

"One of the most important cartoonists of his generation, CF, is also one of the least recognized. Working together, often under pseudonyms, he changed the form and content of comics as few other artists have, radically distorting extant storytelling genres and emphasizing experimental approaches to drawing and printing." - Art in America

☞ Limited Edition of 100
☞ Stamped & Signed by CF
☞ Width - 13" X Length - 20"
☞ Mailed in hard tube as USPS First Class Domestic / International.